Fishing in Finland, Ostrobothnia

The 250 km coastline and its many islets, islands and skerries of the Ostrobothnian region provide excellent living conditions for pike. The coastline is characterised by typical lagoon areas that are created where coastal land is rising. These shallow lagoons are good spawning areas as well as nursery habitats for the developing pike juveniles. Our rivers and lakes also provide good catches and large pike. 


The unique Kvarken archipelago

At the heart of the Ostrobothnian coastline is the unique Kvarken archipelago, Finland’s only UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. The shallow and rocky sea studded with islands provides excellent fishing opportunities.







Welcome to our Pike Seminar!

We are pleased to announce our first Pike Seminar that will take place in Vaasa 25-26 September 2014. The seminar aims to bring together experts from different aspects of pike, from ecology and behaviour to pike fishing tactics and effect of catch & release. The purpose is to increase our understanding of this fantastic species and to highlight responsible pike fishing. Read more here.