Fishing in Ostrobothnia

The 250 km coastline and its many islets, islands and skerries of the Ostrobothnian region provide excellent living conditions for pike. The coastline is characterised by typical lagoon areas that are created where coastal land is rising. These shallow lagoons are good spawning areas as well as nursery habitats for the developing pike juveniles. Our rivers and lakes also provide good catches and large pike. 


The unique Kvarken archipelago

At the heart of the coastline is the unique Kvarken archipelago, Finland’s only UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. The shallow and rocky sea studded with islands provides excellent fishing opportunities.







Spawning behaviour, protandry and sneaking males!

Spawning is likely to take place a little earlier this year than the normal timing in May here in Finland. It is important not to interrupt the fish during spawning, and it can be just as rewarding to observe the spectacular fish behavour as it is to catch them. You probably already knew that during pike spawning a female is commonly accompanied by a few males onto the spawning areas, but did you know that there are alternative reproductive tactics in pike? Read some interesting stuff about pike spawning behaviour here.