Fishing regulations

The local fishing districts may pass regulations on the minimum size of other fish species, too, or they may stipulate that the size of certain species of fish shall be bigger than that provided by the Decree.

Regulations set by the Local Fishing Districts in Ostrobothnia

Pursuant to the Fishing Act, the local fishing districts have adopted the following regulations on fishing gear, minimum size of fish, or closed areas in their waters or part of them. Decisions by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-centre) on bans on ice- fishing and angling can be found by exploring the following map.

The following rivers in Ostrobothnia are important for migratory fish species: Isojoki, Teuvanjoki, Närpes å, Harrström å, Kyroälv, Nykarleby älv, Purmo Norra å, Esse å and Kronob å,  – meaning that fishing by virtue of general fishing right is not allowed in rapids or streams. Consequently, in order to fish in rapids and streams the fisherman must obtain a licence from the owner of the fishing water in question.

A map of the local fishing districts can be found here.

  • Kristinestad-Storå fishing district covers Kristinestad, Bötom, Teuva and Isojoki.
  • Södra Kust-Österbottens fishing district covers Kaskö, Närpes, Korsnäs, Malax, and Vaasa. The district has adopted a resolution on the minimum size of 30 cm for whitefish.
  • Kvarken fishing district covers Korsholm, Vörå and Vähäkyrö.
  • Norra Kust-Österbottens fishing district covers Nykarleby, Larsmo, Pedersöre, Kronoby, Jakobstad and Kokkola.